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Version 2

    Radisys -  Next Generation Wireless Solution for Military Communications

    Trillium® 3G and LTE software have been adopted by over 60
    commercial customers and formulate the foundation of mobile
    networks across the globe. Similarly, Radisys Media Servers deliver
    voice and video conferencing capability and are the market-leading
    conferencing solutions, while the company’s software media server
    capability allows for real-time conferencing in the battlefield
    including push-to-talk services over ad-hoc cellular networks.


    Lastly, Radisys COM Express modules—based on the Intel® Core™
    i7, i5, and i3 processors—are modular, ruggedized computers that
    combine with a customizable carrier board to provide COTS-based
    hardware ideal for portable warfighter communications applications
    and are specifically developed to support the extreme conditions in
    the field.


    See our Demo Hand-out