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    Industries such as retail, infotainment, and transportation have begun to make smart and connected digital signage a competitive advantage in effectively interacting with customers.  That is why the global market for digital signage is expected to reach $4.5 billion by 2016.  Availability of standards-based, interoperable components are helping OEMs bring large-scale signage solutions to market faster and more cost-effectively.  Below, I am providing links to some community posts on this topic that I think are particularly useful:


    Article: Extreme Conditions Call for Extreme Signage

    As digital signage becomes the norm, advertisers want them everywhere. See how two rugged media players withstand heat, cold, dust and vibration to enable digital signage on commuter trains, buses, taxi cabs, and outdoor locations throughout a city.


    Blog: Putting Digital Signage in Motion

    Budget-strapped transit systems are looking for a media player that does more than feed displays. Learn about a rugged telematics computer that can handle signage duty, as well as mobile communications, navigation, onboard surveillance, and fleet management tasks.


    Blog: New Generation Processor, New Generation Digital Signage

    Discover how retailers and other digital signage users looking to add Ultra HD 4K images and video to their signage systems will find the 6th generation Intel® Core™ processor product family (formerly codenamed “Skylake”) their best option. The processors offer a full line of scalable choices for making immersive Ultra HD 4K experiences the standard in the industry.


    Article: Upgrade Entry-Level Signage with Ease

    A new turnkey design brings together high-definition video, an intuitive content management system (CMS), and support for vending machine functions. Learn how it can help you create affordable, performance-oriented signage.


    White paper: Building Engaging Cloud Classrooms with Digital Media Players

    Check out how the computing and graphics capabilities of an Intel-based digital signage solution enable more modern teaching methods, enrich teaching materials, and encourage participation in the classroom and beyond.


    White paper: Next generation retail and digital signage solutions

    Read about powerful digital signage and vending system solutions including innovative displays and powerful computer-on-modules for the challenging retail sector and contributing to the development of smart selling and connected stores.


    Blog: Interactive Whiteboards That Save Schools Money

    Julong Educational Technology discovered that standards helped its whiteboards make the grade. Learn how they achieved greater convenience, easier installation, and lower maintenance costs.



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