Portwell Article: Versatile System Design for Medical Video Applications: A Blueprint

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    Versatile System Design for Medical Video Applications: A Blueprint

    High-performance engines from Intel’s embedded roadmap,
    along with powerful graphics cards to capture a variety of medical modality and
    camera images, offer an ideal platform for medical video wall applications.

    By Allen Sha, American Portwell Technology, Inc.

    The Opportunity
    An increasing number of modern surgical operations benefit from the advanced
    computing technologies adopted in hospital operating rooms and specifically in
    the controls rooms where technicians assist surgeons and nurses to control
    various medical, surgical and diagnostic instruments used in the operating
    room. To provide this aid, the technicians need to view multiple real-time
    images and video feeds from a variety of specialized equipment such as C-arm,
    endoscope, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), surgical navigation systems, video
    cameras and more. Most establish hospitals—particularly university
    hospitals—also provide interactive training by displaying real-time images or
    videos on video walls in their video conference rooms, auditoriums or
    classrooms so that students can view surgical procedures live outside of the
    operating room. These video capabilities can also be used for grand rounds,
    live consultations, real-time collaboration and co-diagnostics with physicians
    of various specialties, either locally or remotely and have become an intrinsic
    part of today’s medical applications.

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