New Arrival: NORCO Launches the 1st Industrial Motherboard Based on Haswell Architecture

Version 4

    Haswell architecture is an Intel upgrade processor since the Sandy Bridge architecture and Ivy Bridge architecture. Today, motherboard based on Haswell platform is a hit in the civilian market, especially recently Apple Inc mentioned the MacBook Air embedded Haswell architecture in the WWDC2013 release conference in Moscone Center West, San Francisco USA. Why Haswell architecture is so popular in civilian market and what influence will it have on the industrial market? Today we will take a close look of this motherboard embedded 4th generation Intel® CoreTM processor in Norco- the manufacturer and its application in industry.

    Norco is located in Taohuayuan High-tech Park, one of national science and technology parks in Bao’an District, Shenzhen. It is a beautiful place with thick scientific and technological atmosphere. Engineers of Norco met us and introduced the ATX-6951 motherboard based on Intel Haswell architecture.

    High Performance and Reliable



    ATX-6951 embedded the 4th generation Intel Core processor  which adopts 22nm craft. With this chipset, the power consumption decrease 50% comparing with products embedded Ivy Bridge architecture chipset while providing the similar capabilities. The GPU of ATX-6951 also adopts the latest GPU of Intel, which has twice increases in the display resolution. The engineers of Norco proud to tell us that: this motherboard is the first one that based on Haswell architecture in the industry market. Norco is a high-tech enterprise, one of strategic partners of Intel. The consistent creation for technology is Norco people’s pursuit. And all because of the insistence and perseverance, that’s how Norco got here.


    Multiple Interfaces for Various Applications




    This product, same as other Norco products, provides multiple interfaces. It features 1x VGA, 1x DVI, 1x HDMI, and 3x PCI, 3x PCI-E x16, 1x PCI-E x4, 10x COM, 14x USB, 6x SATA, 1x LPT. ATX-6951 has excellent graphic display effect, comparing with the same type of products. With these highlights, let’s take a look at its applications in industry.

    With multiple interfaces and HD display to meet requirements for different industries, ATX-6951 has various applications in industries computer, such as digital signage, rail transit, electricity, factory automation and etc.


    Dual Channel, Large Memory




    ATX-6951 supports dual channel DDR3 1333/1600MHz slots, with total memory up to 32G, single memory up to 8G which meets the multitasking and calculations requirements.


    Precise craft, cutting-edge technology, Norco aims to provide development power with this industrial motherboard based on Haswelll architecture and creates a better future.

    Norco has been committed to application and promotion of computer technology for many years. It is one of the well-known suppliers for industrial computer (IPC), ruggedized computer, embedded computer, solutions for specific computer and etc. with its “Industrial tailored, cooperation and sharing” philosophy, Norco has taking the lead in developing solutions specifically for different industries, including industrial automation, voice communication, network security, intelligent transportation, video surveillance, medical, military/aero, POS, 3C, rail transit, mining security, electricity automation, digital signage and solutions for specific industries and ODM service and etc. it has made outstanding contributions to traditional industries automation and informatizations.


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