NORCO Solutions based on Intel Haswall Architecture -EN.pdf

Version 2

    Norco manufactures and provides various standards of boards, including CPU, 3.5〞, EPIC, 5.25〞, PC/104, Mini-ITX, ETX, ATX, Qseven,

    POS-specific and etc. Norco's boards embed multiple chipsets of Intel and adopt the latest embedded technology, compatible with industry mainstream

    specifications. High performance as well as low power consumption, flexible size, rich interfaces and expansions meets the requirements for

    system performance, power consumption, display, I/O, dimensions and network of different industries. With its advantages in technology, R&D, efficient quality management system, flexible production ability, Norco is capable to provide customized solutions based on all kinds of requirements for clients.


    ATX-6951 is Norco's first ATX motherboard based on Haswell platform. Norco is a high-tech enterprise, one of strategic partners of Intel.

    The consistent creation for technology is Norco people's pursuit. And all because of the insistence and perseverance, that's how Norco got here.

    ATX-6951 support dual channel DDR3 1333/1600MHZ, with total capacity up to 32 GB, single memory up to 8GB. With the large capacity of

    memory, ATX-6951 could easily satisfy the multitask operations in the industry environment. It features 1x VGA, 1x DVI, 1x HDMI, and 3x PCI, 3x

    PCI-E x16, 1x PCI-E x4, 10x COM, 14x USB, 6x SATA, 1x LPT. What's more, it embeds the latest GPU of Intel, which delivers outstanding

    graphic display, multiple interfaces, high resolution display, making it ideal for digital signage, rail transmit, electricity, factory automation and etc.

    Norco has been committed to the research, development and applications of computer application technology for many years. It is one of

    the domestic well-known manufacturers of Industries computer (IPC). Considering the application characteristics of computer in different

    industries, Norco makes tailed computer solutions. It makes great contributions to the automation and informatization of traditional industries and

    taking a lead in solutions and computers for industry automation, voice communication, network security, intelligent transportation, video

    surveillance, medical care, military/Aero, self-service, 3C application, rail transmit, mining safety, electric power automation, digital signage and ect.