NORCO RICH-300H Application in Security and Protection Monitoring

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    We are all familiar with “Security and Protection Monitoring”. Every time when it is mentioned, it is related to some theft cases, which the thieves are monitored and the police is working hard to capture. If that is all you know about “Security and Protection Monitoring”, then you are out. With the rapid development of network technology, this industry has been upgraded from the traditional video monitoring to today’s “Intelligent Monitoring.”

    Intelligent monitoring integrates intelligent behavior recognition algorithm, identifying the behavior and movement of the human beings or vehicles, judging and alarm if necessary. That is how this intelligent system actively defense and make security and protection industry passive to active.

    As one of the famous manufacturers and suppliers of industrial computer for security and protection industry, NORCO has been supplied industrial computer, special-purpose computer, industrial motherboard, industrial chassis and etc. for downstream customers and wins reliability and market recognition. Lately, NORCO works with its strategic partner, one of the well-known security and protection enterprises, releasing an intelligent security and protection system based on Haswell microarchitecture for some large gymnasium.


    Project Introduction

    This system employs the latest “Intelligent Monitoring” technology, not only monitors every road camera and transcoding for storage, but also features various active defenses. It detects behaviors such as intrusion, lingering, abandon, lost, directional movement and etc. and then analyses abnormality, monitors potential dangers and report alarms in time. By precise and meticulous monitoring, this system effectively shortens response time, avoiding accidents, smoothing large-scale activities, for example: 


    1.   1.  Intrusion Detection: Detect the intrusion of human being or objects to the set district and alarm; 


    2.   2.Moving Objects DetectionVMD: dynamic tracking of the moving objects in the set districtdetect whether there is suspicious people intrude, linger or wander; track and alarm the detected objects;


    3.   3.  Abandon Detection: Alarm when abandon objects, for example, packages or explosive substance, were left in the set district on purpose for a certain period to time; 



    System meets the following requirements: 

    1.    Reliable operation such as dynamic monitoring, obtaining evidence under security and protection environment, Easy operation for easy maintenance; 

    2.    Flexible and rich expansions to save cost and be technological advanced in a relatively long period of time;

    3.    Excellent processing capability, reliable, fast transmit speed, massive data throughput;

    4.    Environment-friendly, power-saving and cost-reducing;




    System Features

    .    All-channel, real-time High definition monitoring and recording

    .    All-channel voice and image synchronization record

    .    Video and Audio Synchronization playback

    .    Manual/Auto recording mode operation

    .    Automatic cycle Save

    .    Alarm triggering recording

    .    Remote transmission, convenient for real-time monitoring networking



    Hardware Specifications

    This latest industrial computer RICH-300H embeds NORCO’s self-developed ATX-6951 motherboard, which based on Haswell microarchitecture platform and carried 4th generation Intel® CoreTM I5-4430 processor, 3.0G basic frequency, 6M three-level buffer(the motherboard compatible with LGA1150 4th generation Intel Core I3/I5/I7 processor, convenient for upgrade), 8G dual channel DDR3 1600MHz memory. It is well known that, with 22nm semi-conductor craft and innovative 3-D transistor technology, Haswell microarchitecture provides better performance, high efficiency, and lower power consumption. The upgraded Intel® CoreTM processor 2.0 technology, the extremely flexible overclocking features, empowers the RICH-300H by more than 10 percent in processing capability comparing to the industrial computers based on IVY Bridge microarchitecture.





    Besides, the built-in Intel CoreI5-4430 processor GPU, which adopting enhanced Intel Clear Video HD Technology and Quick Sync Video to output more clear pictures and faster transcoding, equips the RICH-300H excellent graphics processing capability, with whole performance strengthen more than twice and 3D capability increases over one times, support DX11.1, and three screen independent display with larger view; it also supports

    4K super-resolution display which providing stronger video processing support and high resolution display and video playback for system real-time monitoring.


    Haswell microarchitecture support dual channel DDR3-1600 and PCI-E 3.0x 16 Bus, which ensures great data processing capability and also enable the RICH-300H stronger expansions: 2x gigabit Ethernet, 3x PCI expansion slot, 2x PCI-E x8, 1x PCI-E x4, 1x PCI-E x1, 10x COM, 14x USB, 6x SATA interface and 1x LPT. Rich expansions easily meet the expansion requirements for finance, security and protection monitoring, and intelligent transportation.

    What must to be mentioned is: Improvement in the Power manager and thermal power design of the Haswell microarchitecture, cooperating with NORCO’s own power-saving technology and reasonable industrial design, power consumption of the RICH-300H decrease by more than 30 percent. It is become one the outstanding members of NORCO’s “Green Power-saving Computer” to provide hardware support for the power-saving, cost saving for computers used in the environments such as intelligent transportation, finance, communication, security monitoring. Meanwhile, it offers technical support for the energy conservation and emissions reduction in the whole society.


    Client Feedback

    This RICH-300H based on Haswell microarchitecture was highly evaluated by the security and protection people and cooperation partner. It has been considered a good choice with ideal system processing capability, expansions, reliability and power consumptions for security and protection industry.


    Application in other Fields

    CTI System Platform, Lane Control System, DVR, Server


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