ADLINK Application Ready Intelligent Platform(ARIP) Solutions

Version 1

    Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products have become commonplace in many domains, including telecom, network and defense, as they can provide standardized functionality and shorter time-to-market at lower cost than customized solutions. In response to this industry trend, ADLINK has released its own ATCA Application-Ready Intelligent Platforms (ARIPs) to meet the various needs of demanding customers. ADLINK ARIPs are a set of validated integratable building blocks, including hardware, OS, and software components (firmware & middleware).


    ADLINK ARIPs provide hardware level integration and validation using building blocks from ADLINK's standard product lines; OS validation performance tuning, and virtualization certification; as well as a variety of toolkits for system & power management and application control including Fastpath modules for data plane and signaling process functions, such as the ADLINK Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), Media SDK, System Management Toolkit. ADLINK ARIPs also provide Active Power Management, System Management, and Service Availability Framework to enable ADLINK products as a “Green”, “Smart”, and “Robust” platforms.


    With ADLINK's proven platforms and applications, customer applications can reduce dependence on lower level services, and enable self forming and self healing capability of final products, thus saving valuable resources to support innovation of products and solutions.

    Download the attached brochure to learn more about  ADLINK Application Ready Intelligent Platform(ARIP) solutions.