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    Computerized systems are increasingly used in all forms of transportation- providing a wide range of functions to improve safety and enhance passenger experience from positive train control in railways, in-vehicle-infotainment (IVI) in personal auto, taxis, and public buses, and fleet management to name just a few.  I am providing links to some community posts on this topic that I think are particularly useful:




    Article: A Rugged SBC for High Data Demands on the Rails

    Train designers must install multiple systems to run and monitor onboard equipment, increase safety and reliability, enhance passenger comfort, and deliver new services. Explore a single board computer that delivers the reliability and performance to securely virtualize multiple rolling stock workloads.


    Article:  A Superhighway to Connected Car Value

    The increasing complexity of vehicle electronics is driving higher development and service costs, as well as the potential for recalls. Explore how IoT-connected sensors help automakers spot anomalies, alert drivers, and identify opportunities for new services and features.


    Blog:  Combatting Driver Fatigue with Mobile Surveillance

    Check out an intriguing solution for helping prevent road accidents by using an in-vehicle surveillance platform to monitor driver fatigue. This platform works as a gateway PC, analyzing camera video in real-time and providing alerts and communications with the control room.


    Article:  Increase Uptime Through IoT Fleet Management

    An idled truck means lost miles and lost revenue. Learn how you can provide a comprehensive IoT fleet management solution offering predictive maintenance to keep trucks on the road and reduce repair time to a minimum.


    Blog:  Putting Digital Signage in Motion

    Digital signage system manufacturers targeting budget-strapped transit systems can make more sales if the media player does more than feed displays. Learn about a rugged telematics computer that can handle signage duty, as well as mobile communications, navigation, onboard surveillance, and fleet management tasks.


    White paper:  The Internet of Trains: Building Secure Intelligent Networks for Safety and Performance

    Rapid rail modernization is driving passenger experience and safety. Onboard and cloud-connected intelligent devices are transforming communication and control systems to revolutionize performance.


    Blog:  Meeting Fleet Management and Compliance Needs with the IoT

    A commercial IoT fleet management solution blueprint outlines an end-to-end solution complete with big data analytics. Find out how Intel® IoT Gateways go onboard to collect and transmit vehicle data, plus handle video surveillance and driver assistance duties.


    White paper:  The Importance of Computing Health Management in Transportation Systems

    Learn how computing health management can improve long-term reliability and customer satisfaction while helping railway operators manage costs from intelligent real-time data access.


    Blog:  Reinventing the Transit Ticket Kiosk

    With the right system onboard, today’s transit ticket kiosks can do a lot more than dispense tickets. See how an Intel® Atom™ processor-based system can enable designs that provide schedule information and real-time arrival times, plus earn advertising revenue.


    White paper:  Connected Car Brings Intelligence to Transportation

    Heavy urban traffic is daunting. Learn how in-vehicle terminals turn passenger vehicles into connected cars, which make driving safer and more enjoyable, and capable of supporting connection to intelligent transportation systems (ITS).


    Blog:  Transforming IoT Fleet Management with 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

    Imagine achieving a 6% increase in fuel efficiency and $15 million in savings. Learn about two compact, rugged in-vehicle computers that use advanced processors to enable trucks to sense, think, advise drivers, and report back to headquarters.


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