Achieving Unprecedented Performance Gains via Intel® AtomTM Processor C2000

Version 2

            The Intel® AtomTM processor C2000 product family (codenamed Rangeley) offers a range of highly energy efficient 64-bit system-on-a-chips (SoCs) in two-to-eight core designs, offering significant I/O and acceleration integration for the communications market. Using Intel’s industry-leading 22-nanometer (nm) 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology, the new processors deliver significantly greater performance and power efficiency than the previous generations of Intel Atom processors.

            Lanner's R&D department recently conducted benchmark testing on several of our products based on the Intel Atom processor C2000 product family in order to provide a precise comparison on the security performance between the current and previous generations of Intel Atom processors.

            Read Lanner's whitepaper for the benchmark and find out what the test results are.