StackPC form-factor – a new approach to embedded modules and systems development

Version 1

    StackPC specification targets stackable modules for embedded systems. Specification defines new pin-out and common system design rules. Pin-out is compatible almost with all contemporary PC/104-express modules and combines most popular low speed interfaces such as USB, COM, CAN, SPI, LPC and High speed SATA, Gigabit Ethernet and PCI-Express x1, x4. System rules for stack development include power delivery, interface lines routing, heat spreaders design and stack organization with minimal number of wired connections inside the stack system enclosure. For CPU and Power Supply modules StackPC allows to allocate more area for big-size electronic components and provides a much better heat dissipation than other stackable specifications. For expansion modules StackPC defines simple stack connector schematic with additional benefits for interface expansion. StackPC modules can be used not only in stack solutions, but also as COM-modules, similarly to PICMG 0.x.

    All this allows implementing cost-effective powerful fanless StackPC modules based on Intel Core i7 CPU, NVidia or ATI GPU that fully comply to specification without any violations.



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