Version 1

    The ADLINK C-RAN Platform provides the infrastructure for a Cloud Radio Access Network (Cloud RAN or C-RAN). It allows network equipment providers to provide a low cost and high performance green network architecture to service operators. ADLINK C-RAN is a 4-in-1 platform, integrating baseband signal processing, packet processing, control and management, and is built on a unified, open ATCA platform with the baseband processing implemented using Software Defined Radio. The ADLINK C-RAN Platform is virtualization certified to enable virtual base station operation in real-time cloud infrastructures.



    4-in-1 platform, including signal, packet, control and management processing VMware and KVM Virtualization certified for smoothly migration to virtual base station Live Migration of Virtual Machine supported; migrate VM and software upgrade of VM without service interruption DPDK enabled for burst packet process throughput 12 times higher than Linux based; supports DPDK virtualization Integrated hardware acceleration module



    ADLINK 4-in-1 Processor Blade: aTCA-6250 ADLINK Switch Blade: aTCA-3420 ADLINK Full Mesh 40G Chassis: aTCA-H8606


    Load sharing and streaming distribution according to streamingbased load balance strategy

    Verified with mainstream storage as a complete solution


    More information, please visit aTCA-9700 - AdvancedTCA - AdvancedTCA Processor Blade - ADLINK Technology