ADLINK Network Security and Deep Packet Inspection Platform

Version 1

    The ADLINK Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Platform provides traffic awareness, control and protection for complex networks. The ADLINK DPI platform provides layer 2 and layer 3 fast forwarding functions and manages hardware architecture differences to support both ADLINK IA blades with DPDK, and NPU blades, such as the aTCA-N700. Open DPI software modules are enabled in the platform for reference design and performance benchmark testing purposes. The fully programmable platform provides customers with the ability to rapidly and flexibly add features and update their network packet processing solution. With integrated hardware accelerators, the ADLINK DPI platform provides about 20Gbps throughput per blade with regular express, crypto and compress functions.




    High throughput, flexible external interface configuration (40G/10G) Layer 2, layer 3 ACL, application level flow analysis, flow classification Flexible service blade configuration, supports both IA and MIPS platforms Common middleware to manage the differences between IA and MIPS architectures for transparent customer applications Hardware level Flow Accelerate Engine Open DPI enabled on service blades for reference design and performance benchmark testing




    4-core Local Management Processor (LMP) in switch blade to provide high performance system management Supports 2 different service blades: aTCA-6250/ aTCA-N700, with hardware accelerators for Regular Expression, Crypto and Compress/Decompress


    ADLINK DPDK and Intel DPDK packages on all ADLINK IA blades Flow classification and load balance strategy on all ADLINK switch blades Pre-installed and performance tuned OS on all ADLINK IA, switch blades and COMe module I2 to L7 flow coalification engine on both x86 and NPU blades Embedded Power Management Agent Hardware failure prediction Virtualization certified and Service Availability Framework ADLINK DPDK toolkit