ADLINK Transcoding Platform

Version 1

    The ADLINK Video Transcoding (VT) Platform supports high density, 3D video streaming services by dispatching streaming data to service blades according to streaming-based load balance strategy. The streaming service blade (aTCA-9300)integrates high performance video transcoding without increased CPU resource loading.

    The RTM provides 2 mini-SAS interfaces to provide storage for video content, and 2 10Gbps Ethernet ports to deliver video content to end users through internet. Each blade can also support up to three hard disks to store configuration data, software images and end user data with RAID functionality and database enabled.




    2x mini-SAS (PCIe Gen 3) providing maximum 96 Gbps throughput to external stor- age; 2/4x 10Gbps Ethernet throughput On-board COMe module on switch blade to meet higher performance requirements of system management, reduce costs, and free more slots for service blades

    Database and RAID functions to support large end user data storage requirements



    Switch blade (aTCA-3420) with COMe module Service blade (aTCA-9300) R6280 with 2x 10 Gbps external Ethernet interfaces, 2 mini-SAS interfaces


    Load sharing and streaming distribution according to streamingbased load balance strategy Verified with mainstream storage as a complete solution