ADLINK White Paper: Intelligent Systems Advance with 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Version 3

    ADLINK Extends Performance Capabilities of Platforms for Medical, Defense, Transportation and Industrial Automation


    Intel’s tick-tock cadence of innovation and processor improvement continually drives embedded advances in performance, power, graphics, security and form factor. Building on the technical achievements of previous processor generations, today’s 4th generation Intel® Core™ product family revs up that momentum and enables a dramatic performance advantage for embedded systems developers. This white paper offers a closer look at 4th generation Intel Core features and technology, highlighting advanced CPU, graphics and media performance, along with improved flexibility and enhanced security. Specific application references illustrate the design value of 4th generation Intel Core processors, supported by selected ADLINK products capitalizing on this powerful new solution.


    Download the attached white paper to learn more about ADLINK’s solutions using 4th generation Intel Core processors.