Brochure: Intelligent Systems for Embedded Medical Design

Version 1

    Medical markets present diverse opportunities for embedded designers, fueled by demand for real-time data processing and sharing, high definition imaging and graphics displays, and creative, compact solutions that enable healthcare anywhere. ADLINK expertly solves these medical design challenges, offering intelligent embedded platforms that help OEMs/ODMs innovate, reduce risk and accelerate time-to-market with solutions validated for high performance and complex regulatory requirements. ADLINK is a key resource for medical designers, offering expertise centered on imaging and diagnostics, in both portable/mobile applications and larger-scale, high performance systems. Powered by a rare and valuable blend of in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, ADLINK’s flexible range of systems, products and platforms capitalize on more than 25 years of embedded design and development expertise combined with extensive knowledge of design requirements for patient safety and product longevity. ADLINK’s intelligent platforms and Rugged by Design technologies are purpose-built for healthcare settings, improving patient diagnosis and treatment options, and giving designers a competitive edge with scalable, reliable solutions optimized for the rigors of modern medicine. For medical device developers and manufacturers, ADLINK is your complete supplier of intelligent embedded products. Development time is reduced, and medical device manufacturers can focus on their core competencies in creating competitive, high performance healthcare applications.