Application Scenarios for NORCO Intel® AtomTM Processor E3800 Product Family PC BIS-6660C+board BPC-7940

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    Intel® AtomTM Processor E3800 Product Family Solution Description:

    NORCO BIS-6660C features Intel® Atom™ processor E3800  product family, proprietary “ICEFIN” passive cooling enclosure, wide temperature range and industrial level rugged design. BIS-6660C utilizes Intel®  Bay Trail microarchitecture-powered motherboard BPC-7940 as the system core functional part. Norco’s proprietary ICEFIN cooling technology enables a quiet, true fanless hardware design and the Intel Atom processor E3800 product family provides the critical high reliability for hardware design through ECC and its hardware-based virtualization capabilities and built-in security features. A full range of USB and Mini-PCIe connectivity options, as well as dual display capabilities, easy compatible with the existing system and enable easy connection to other peripherals, including bar code scanners, credit card readers, cash drawers, printers, and displays, cameras, GPS or door sensors, etc. The system also supports remote management and stable running around the clock. With such a flexible design, this system is suitable for multiple applications, such as smart home, In-vehicle Infotainment system, retail digital signage and even the passenger information system (PIS) in the field of rail transportation.

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    Application Scenarios:


    1. Retail Digital Signage:

    This digital signage solution incorporate three-part deployment, consisting a main control PC, display

    screen, video input and output terminal and media play software, etc.



    2. IVI:

    NORCO BIS-6660C is a compact small form factor embedded hardware platform, easily to be fitted into the existing vehicle space. This solution also includes integrated support for WiFi, 3G, hardware decoder, and GPS. Dual-display with HDMI/DVI/VGA supports display for both front and rear seats. 2 x Mini-PCIe ports support future I/O expansion and flexible connectivity (such as bill printer, camera, etc.)


    3. Smart Home:

    Automatic washing machines were developed to reduce the manual labor of cleaning clothes, and water heaters reduced the labor necessary for bathing. However, now we can go even further with NORCO’s all-in-one smart home solution, which helps realize the intelligent control of lighting, curtains, home environment, electronic appliances as well as the door access.

    Smart home system consists of master control platform, network cabling system, panel PC,etc, to execute centralized control of all the household appliances, integrating home intelligence, information communication, consumer service and security monitoring all-in-one.

    System is designed to meet visual intercom communication, video surveillance, controlling door open, door sensor, lights and curtains control, smart home theater, and smoke detector and security alarm.

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    4. Passenger Information System (PIS)

    The Passenger Information System is set up in the control center to monitor and control all of the devices in stations or trains. The PIS consists of three communication modules: The Central Control Unit, The Sub-station Control Unit and The Vehicle Display Terminals. NORCO BIS-6660C serve as the core of the center control unit and the communication control unit of the Passenger Information Systems (PIS), which allows the PIS system to control and transmit real-time information from its control center to all local stations with accurate, travel information, (including train status, news, advertisement, and emergency information) to improve travel efficiency, safety and ease.

    --The central control unit manages and regulates the whole system. When fire, earthquake or terrorist attack occurs, central control unit issues government notices, evacuation commands and other instructions to sub-station control centers.

    --The Sub-station Control Unit can communicate with vehicle-mounted control unit on a wireless basis, passing the commands and other information such as notices for passengers, weather forecast, time of departure and arrival, live news and advertisements.

    --The Vehicle Display Terminals are installed in each compartment of the stations or trains. With the wireless data communication modules installed in the vehicle-mounted control unit, the display terminals can receive and display various kinds of information, including voice, digital data, signals, and warning massages, etc.




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