Call for Entries - 6WIND Speed Matters: The Challenge 2014 – Contest Based on Intel® DPDK

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    6WIND, a developer of packet processing software, is inviting the public at large to enter a software development contest, called SPEED MATTERS: The Challenge, which will reward creativity, execution and planning for savvy technology professionals.


    “We are sponsoring an implementation contest based on Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK),” stated Vincent Jardin, CTO of 6WIND. “The objective of our contest is for applicants to enter novel applications that have been designed using Intel® DPDK. Entries can take multiple forms including white papers, proof-of-concepts and finished products. We believe that by sharing implementation examples, we can increase the knowledge of the broader community to lend expertise in building high-performance networking applications with Linux.”


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    6WIND’s 6WINDGate™ packet processing software implements a complete, high performance, ready to use networking stack on top of the Intel® DPDK without the need to modify existing Linux applications, in both physical and virtual environments. In addition, 6WIND delivers a number of value-added enhancements to the Intel® DPDK library that provide increased system functionality and performance compared to the baseline software. This includes add-ons for crypto support and third party Network Interface Cards (NICs). 6WINDGate software adds its own networking stack and poll mode drivers on top of Intel® DPDK, including additional Layer 2-4 protocols such as VXLAN, Filtering/NAT and IPsec in addition to basic switching features.


    6WIND is a founding member of, which is a major open source community that enables high performance Linux networking applications such as network functions virtualization (NFV).


    For a real-world example, 6WIND recently debuted a high performance NFV demonstration leveraging Intel® DPDK and 6WINDGate packet processing software to create a vBRAS NFV application for new generation BRAS services with integration partner ALTEN Calsoft Labs. The vBRAS demo includes Dell servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Intel Sandy Bridge processors with eight cores per socket. The objective of the demo is to create the highest amount of PPPoE sessions in the least amount of time. The vBRAS solution receives PPP traffic, decapsulates it and forwards it as IP traffic for DSL access. 12 cores (four VMs, each running three cores) are used for vBRAS. The vBRAS server can handle 256,000 tunnels total. 70 Gbps throughput can be processed with 1350-byte packets and 800 tunnels are created per second. A video of the vBRAS high performance NFV demo can be viewed here.


    For another example of its Intel® DPDK leverage, 6WIND also recently debuted an accelerated Open vSwitch (OVS) demo delivering up to 195 Gbps throughput instantiated on an application server blade and configured using OpenFlow, delivering a performance improvement of over 10x thanks to its optimized data plane architecture. OVS is widely used by open source hypervisors to perform switching for virtual machines (VMs). However, it experiences bottlenecks due to the Linux kernel networking stack. 6WINDGate can accelerate the virtual switch function to deliver 195 Gbps throughput without any change to OVS, or the OS, hypervisor or OpenFlow Controller. With this added performance, customers can cost-effectively enable the transition to virtualized applications and NFV. A video of the accelerated Open vSwitch demo can be viewed here.


    Speed matters when building virtual applications and appliances versus proprietary hardware equipment as the new generation of legacy services is clearly targeted at lowering costs of infrastructure and operations while testing, training and delivering these services quickly.

    If you have or are making a novel application, such as a NFV application, that has been designed using Intel® DPDK, we encourage you to enter SPEED MATTERS: The Challenge to show off your work, win the admiration of your peers, a custom-built RC car and more.


    To register, or learn more, click here:

    Good luck with the race!