Final Call for Entries: 6WIND SPEED MATTERS DPDK Contest - August 1 Deadline to Submit

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    Have you registered for SPEED MATTERS: The Challenge? We are still fielding entries from around the globe. Entries remain open until August 1 at midnight Pacific Time. The date is fast approaching where we will announce the winners at Hot Interconnects on Google's campus during the evening ceremony on August 26.


    Prizes include custom RC cars that can go over 100 miles per hour, Rasberry Pi with the case, an opportunity for promotion in 6WIND's booth at Intel Developer Forum and the admiration of your peers.


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    Our application process to enter the contest is simple...already have a white paper, solution brief, video, or quick write-up explaining your DPDK implementation or idea? Just link or type it, sign the entry and email back to us. We'll contact you with more details. Every official entry receives a free 6WIND t-shirt.


    We are running the contest because in networks, SPEED MATTERS! Vincent Jardin, CTO of 6WIND explains, "We believe that by sharing implementation examples, we can increase the knowledge of the broader community to lend expertise in building high-performance networking applications with Linux."


    How does 6WIND implement DPDK? Our 6WINDGate packet processing software delivers a number of value-added enhancements to the DPDK library that provide increased system functionality and performance compared to the baseline software. This includes add-ons for crypto support and third party Network Interface Cards (NICs). The 6WINDGate fast path implements a complete, high performance, ready to use networking stack on top of DPDK without the need to modify existing Linux applications in both physical and virtual environments, and delivering over 10x performance improvements versus standard Linux.

    Examples where 6WINDGate turbo boosts Linux with DPDK include:

    IPsec: 6WINDGate provides high-performance IPsec processing with our fast path IPsec stack, offloading IPsec processing from the Linux stack and getting full leverage from our DPDK extensions and crypto framework. 6WINDGate delivers over 190 Gbps IPsec throughput while performing both crypto and authentication on all packets.


    TCP Termination: 6WINDGate TCP Termination accelerates networking applications by terminating TCP connections in the fast path instead of the Linux kernel. Nearly 2 million TCP sockets per second and over 100 Gbps of application throughput can be achieved.

    We encourage you to take this opportunity to show off your novel applications based on DPDK. It's not too late to enter. Enter here until midnight, August 1.

    Good luck with the race!