Whitepaper: COM Express entry with the new Intel® Atom™ and Intel® Celeron® processors

Version 2

    German module specialist congatec, reveals an compact COM Express COM (computer-on-module) equipped with the new Intel® Atom™ and Intel® Celeron® processors. Due to its low power consumption, it is a perfect fit for use with x86-based mobile and semi-stationary devices in industrial and medical applications.


    Previous Intel Atom processors had been considered energy efficient, however, somewhat restricted in performance. This was not a cause for wonder since the micro- architecture had changed little since the introduction of the Intel Atom processor family with the Silverthorne microarchitecture. Since there was no tick-tock (annual alternating update of micro-architecture and manufacturing technology) like with the Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processor series, updates had been limited to a few extensions (Intel64, dual core, hyperthreading, HD-capable graphics) and adjustments to the manufacturing technology. Performance of the previous graphics processor, lack of ability to perform out-of- order execution and the absence of a turbo mode, lead to a growing gap to more powerful models like the Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor series. In addition the Intel Atom processors showed a dwindling competitiveness to the growing features found in recent ARM processors. ...


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