The AV-ICE04 to Strengthen Lanner’s Full Range of Network Processing Hardware Offerings

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    Today Lanner sees the addition of the AV-ICE04 to its VPN acceleration card offerings that include the AV-ICE01, the AV-ICE02 and last but not least, the NCS2-ICE03, a VPN acceleration NIC module.


    These high -performance hardware-based VPN acceleration cards/modules provide tunneling and encryption services suitable for site-to-site and remote access applications, supplementing the CPU throughput and freeing up valuable cores and CPU cycles for application processing.


    All three acceleration cards/module support Intel® QuickAssist hardware acceleration technology. Being capable of supporting up to 55Gbps of simultaneous bulk crypto throughput and compression offloading makes these devices the ideal solution for demanding applications running on high-performance, high-density throughput servers and appliances, such as WAN and traffic optimization, secure storage and secure web servers.

    While they share some specifications, each does also offer its unique features.


    The AV-ICE01 is based on the Intel Cave Creek DH8910CC and the AV-ICE02 is built with the Intel Coleto Creek 8925/8950, while the NCS2-ICE03 features the Intel Coleto Creek 8950 and the AV-ICE04 is powered by the Intel Coleto Creek 8955. All four products are able to take full advantage of the bandwidth offered by the Intel® Xeon® E5 processor family via the PCI Express (AV-ICE01 & AV-ICE02), the Generation 3 PCI Express (NCS2-ICE03) or the Generation 3 PCI Express and dual Intel® Communications Chipset 8955 (AV-ICE04).


    The release of the AV-ICE04 not only complements Lanner’s full range of network processing cards and modules but also further expands Lanner’s hardware integration with both the Intel® and the Cavium® technologies.

    Through Lanner’s x86 appliances, ecosystem and services, these devices can be easily tailored to meet most requirements, either as standard products with customized specifications or as integrated systems with proprietary configurations.




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    Generation 3 PCIe x8 Network Processing/acceleration Card with Intel Coleto Creek 8955



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