Webinar: Enabling the Industrial Internet of Things with Intel technology and ADLINK embedded solutions

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    Intel's move toward low power System-on-Chip development, such as their latest Intel Atom processor family and small-sized Intel Quark technology-based processor, has created a sweet spot for embedded developers to incorporate x86 designs into today’s mobile, portable, connected systems. See how ADLINK is incorporating the high performance, low power Intel technology into its IoT solutions—from embedded building blocks for intelligent devices, to wireless gateways for machine-to-machine connectivity, to the cloud services required for easy access to remote system data.


    In this webinar, we touch on:

    • Advantages offered by Intel’s latest x86 technology advancements
    • Industries that are already embracing connected systems, and sample applications
    • Creating IoT application designs that can incorporate legacy infrastructure



    • Markus Grebing, Product Manager SEMA / SEMA Cloud @LiPPERT ADLINK Technology
    • Anita Lacea, Platform Application Engineer, Intel