Arynga and Intel to Showcase The benefits of the Intel® In-Vehicle Infotainment Solutions Fully Integrated With CarSync™, Arynga’s Over-The-Air (OTA) Updating Platform

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    Intel and Arynga:  Experience, Expertise, Execution...


    Given the increased complexity of vehicle embedded systems and the demand for a truly connected driving experience, the automotive industry faces numerous challenges. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) spend billions of dollars per year on software recalls and associated warranty costs, the current method of updating vehicle software is often insecure, and inefficient, forcing customers into leaving their vehicles at the dealership for lengthy manual updates. Moreover, OEMs lack the tools for constant system monitoring, reporting, and critical vehicle data analytics.  Further, the industry lacks a fully integrated solution for OTA software, firmware. and data management which ensures the secure packaging and transfer of software and/or firmware updates to the vehicle, as well as secure extraction and analysis of vehicle data.

    OEMs are increasingly seeking collaboration and support from new strategic partners, especially given the need to manage the range of new technologies and services demanded by consumers today.  The support and solutions sought by OEMs must remedy the eminent issues within the industry and help OEMs and the industry move forward as quickly as possible.


    Intel and Arynga, a General member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, are capitalizing on this opportunity. They’re applying Intel’s technology and expertise embodied in Intel® In-Vehicle ISolutions and leveraging Arynga’s disruptive Over-The-Air (OTA) technology to help speed development of innovative, unique experiences from the car to the cloud.


    By providing a truly robust Infotainment platform, fully integrated with truly end-to-end OTA technology, Arynga and Intel are providing the industry with a solution which will:


    • Reduce development time and associated resources for system integrators implementing OTA functionality
    • Reduce vehicle software recalls and associated warranty cost for OEMs
    • Increase customer satisfaction by allowing for a seamless, connected driving experience

    As the automotive industry and IoT in general move quickly towards full acceptance of robust IVI platforms with embedded connectivity, OTA technology, and the demand for a seamless connected experience, the joint Intel and Arynga partnership will deliver offerings that meet the industry’s needs. Arynga and Intel are dedicated to providing solutions which will move the automotive ecosystem forward and increase customer satisfaction through cutting-edge solutions.

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