Bay Trail E3845 Warm Boot

Version 1

    Just a little appetizer for our Bay Trail BIOS. Soon available for some major vendors boards and Minnowboard Max. When you hear the beep the POST is completed and the OS starts to load. Here we show MSDOS booting from USB thumb drive as MSDOS as it's best demonstrates the performance of the BIOS POST and APIs. The fact that MSDOS uses the APIs in the BIOS to access the hardware proves a point. If you want to create a fast boot loader for Linux you should use the BIOS APIs. If SYSLINUX was rewritten to 16-bit code, using only the BIOS APIs it would be more a lot faster.


    If you want to make the by far fastest boot loader, you know where to go. You can write the code by yourself and we will tell you how to do it, or do it for you.


    B-O Bergman

    Winzent Technologies.