Sage BSPs ship with an enhanced Intel® FSP for open source development

Version 2


    Sage Electronic Engineering now ships its Board Support Packages with enhanced versions of the Intel Firmware Support Package adding processor support, optimized bootloading solutions and expanded feature sets for open source firmware solutions.

    Sage has already back ported SageBIOS™ BSPs with modified Intel FSP binaries for Intel® Atom™ and Core™ Processors formerly known as Bay Trail and Haswell. Early access to design resources also permits Sage to jumpstart design activities for customers requiring development for pre-release silicon, such as variants of the 5th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors, formerly known as Broadwell.

    Sage BSPs eliminate much of the Platform Initialization (PI) code for BIOS, which is rarely reduced by traditional BIOS vendors and slows processor and memory initialization, especially for the extensive functions supported by UEFI and Legacy BIOS. Sage also enhances FSP version to create feature sets at the firmware level normally not supported by the FSP binary.

    Sage develops customized open source-based firmware, including coreboot®, for commercial applications with select features and optimizations. While the Intel FSP is designed for specific reference boards, Sage’s access to the source code can open the door to a wider choice of processors and atypical boards.

    Sage's new chief marketing officer was the original product marketing manager for the Intel FSP in 2012. He can be reached at 480.600.2429 or by email

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