Axiomtek IoT & M2M solution

Version 1

    "Internet of Things" is a vision where everyday objects are networked through the use of the Internet. Axiomtek offers an array of solutions to fulfill this vision, ideally suited for power utility, transportation, Industrial automation, and many more applications, enabling efficient communication and control. Axiomtek has the effective industrial firewall which offers a scalable security function, beginning with a clear firewall and ending with a firewall with VPN (Virtual Private Network), for industrial automation, process control, energy and medical instrument remote management application.

    Considering a booming market for Internet of Things, Axiomtek developed a new industrial gateway which features low power consumption, wireless connectivity for cloud, rich expansion, RTC battery and robust design. The slim-type ICO300 comes packaged in a robust IP40 housing and is designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C for use in extremely cold or hot environments. In addition, it has ultra-lightweight advantage and compact design for any space-limited application. The user-friendly front accessible I/O cabling design is convenient for wiring and easy maintenance. The wide range 12~24 VDC terminal block power input, and overvoltage and reverse protection can minimum the risk of data loss in the event of human errors. The industrial-grade stability and reliability are absolutely ideal for intelligent computing and communication solution in critical environments.

    The tBOX series is well-suited for rolling stock-related applications including passenger information systems, video surveillance, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) systems, on-board diagnostics systems and mobility control units. It is versatile and reliable to control many complex applications of intelligent transportation operations. Moreover, the Ethernet switches are designed to provide flawless communications in the harsh environments at the edge of the network. The flexibility of Ethernet ports, various mounting way and power options can best match the applications that require a tough, environmentally hardened, Ethernet switch.