Authors of Embedded Firmware Solutions include key industry architects of open solutions

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    embedded-firmware-ue4.pngBook contains step-by-step instruction on using coreboot, Quark and UEFI on Intel’s x86-processor architecture



    (Note: Intel was reported to have a few copies on hand at embedded wolrd. Jiming Sun is also there to sign if you can track him down. The book is free for download at Apress: Embedded Firmware Solutions.) Make sure to scroll down to "Download Ebook."


    Few people get the chance to bend an industry to a new vision; fewer still have both the opportunity and desire to document the feat as it becomes reality.

    “But it’s as if our concept is perishable,” said Jiming Sun, co-author of Embedded Firmware Solutions, Development of Best Practices for the Internet of Things, the recently released publication on Apress.

    While technology today always has a limited shelf life, development of the book focusing on how Intel’s complex x86 microprocessor architecture can be exploited with rapidly evolving open solutions was almost simultaneous with the development of those same solutions.

    “If we don’t talk about now it’s going to be obsolete,” added Marc Jones, also a co-author of the book.

    Jiming Sun was exploring his Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel FSP) idea in 2010 when coreboot® expert Stefan Reinauer showed up in the Bay area to work for Google. Coreboot, the leading open source firmware solution for x86 processors, was exactly the type of firmware Sun envisioned empowering with his Intel FSP solution.

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