Portwell White Paper: Selecting the "Right" Embedded Computing Solutions Provider for Medical Applications

Version 1



    Besides criteria such as sophisticated mechanics, complex chemical control processes and vital imaging detection algorithms, a medical device needs an embedded computing platform as the central engine to coordinate its various functions, power its performance, manage sensitive data and monitor and control the process flows. Embedded computing systems often play a significant part in medical devices for an ever-growing list of applications, including clinical diagnostics, surgical imaging, digital radiography, ultrasound, point of care, computer guided therapy and ophthalmology.


    For medical devices designers, selecting the right embedded computer solution for their next generation design is only the first step. It is critically important to select the right solution provider with proven skills in supporting OEMs in this challenging market.


    The following key criteria serve as a guideline in qualifying the “right” partner for the “right” embedded computing solutions to help bring the medical device competitively and timely to the market.


    • Broad Experience in Medical Applications
    • Extensive Knowledge of Computing Technology
    • Comprehensive Product Portfolio
    • Long Lifecycle Support
    • Customization Capabilities
    • Compliance with Medical Regulatory Requirements


    Please refer to the attached pdf for the full paper.