Video: IoT-based Automated Parking Systems

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    Modern automated parking complexes commonly include integrated electromechanical transmission control, security control, detection systems and automated placement. The systems can fully support vehicle measurement, image analysis, electronic payment scanning, and automatic retrieval.


    In an automated parking complex, drivers need only park at an entry pallet or port. Images of the car are captured and transmitted to a controller where dimensions of the car are read and the license plate recorded. Meanwhile, the driver pays by card and the system provides authorization, possibly via voice recognition. Once sensors have verified the entry pallet or cabin is empty of occupants, the process of automatic moving and parking will be initiated. The car will be moved by an elevator or a carousel system up to the storage floors and parked into an appropriate space with security guarantee.


    To command and coordinate all the controllers and subsystems, automated parking systems require precise control, robust and reliable networking, and secured system maintenance. Watch our video demonstration to learn more:


    ADLINK IoT-based Automated Parking Systems - YouTube