Sage releases Xeon D BSP with a standard boot in less than two seconds

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    Sage Electronic Engineering,, has released the first open source-based BIOS for the Intel® Xeon Processor D SoC into the marketplace, supporting boots of less than two seconds.

    “The SageBIOS™ Board Support Package, built for the Camelback Mountain reference board, provides a sound platform for replicating fast boots on similar Xeon D-based hardware,” said Scott Hoot, CEO of Sage Engineering. “Our engineers have further optimized SageBIOS to create a sub-second boot, but similar times will only be achieved by concentrated modifications specific to the hardware.”

    The boot time achieved with the SageBIOS BSP includes initializing eight gigabytes of ECC (Error Correcting Code) DRAM that protects against internal data corruption. Normally ECC memory scrubbing requires about 160 milliseconds per GB, but the SageBIOS solution cuts the task to less than a third of that time.

    This SageBIOS BSP initializes from power-on reset to POST and allows virtually any operating system to be loaded, including network boots, most Linux distributions, Windows and most RTOS distributions.  SageBIOS is a commercially supported distribution of open source coreboot®, packaged with other open source code, such as SeaBIOS, Grub, iPXE, as well as proprietary binary files,  including Intel’s Video BIOS and Sage-enhanced Intel® Firmware Support Package.

    The Intel Xeon processor D product family, formerly known as Broadwell DE, is Intel’s 3rd generation 64-bit SoC, or System on Chip, and the first based on Intel Xeon processor technology. The SoC is designed to bring that on-die functionality into dense, lower-power environments, such as edge servers.

    Sage is now engineering root-of-trust security for open source solutions, based on Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology, to be available on select platforms, including Xeon D.





    About Sage Electronic Engineering

    Sage Electronic Engineering, LLC, of Longmont, Colo. ( is the leading x86 open source firmware vendor providing royalty-free Board Support Packages that marry open source (including coreboot®) with proprietary software. Sage partners with processor manufacturers, including AMD and Intel®, to provide coreboot solutions for the open source community, as well as developing customized SageBIOS™ BSPs for customers desiring the flexibility of open source firmware backed by rigorously tested, validated and supported solutions.