Intel® Chip Chat:  Securing the Future of the Internet of Things

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    Brian McCarson, Senior Principal Engineer and Senior IoT System Architect for the Internet of Things Group at Intel chats about the amazing innovations happening within the Internet of Things (IoT) arena and the core technology from Intel that enables IoT to achieve its’ full potential. He emphasizes how important security and accuracy of data is as the amount of IoT devices grows to potentially 50 Billion devices by 2020 and how Intel provides world class security software capabilities and hardware level security which are helping to protect from any risks associated with deploying IoT solutions. Brian also describes the Intel IoT Platform that is designed to promote security, scalability, and interoperability and creates a standard that allows customers to reduce time to market and increase trust when deploying IoT solutions. To learn more, visit



    Listen to® Chip Chat, episode 398 – Securing
    the Future of the Internet of Things