Free demo boot ROM available for Intel® Xeon D SoC

Version 1

    Sage Electronic Engineering,, has released a free demo boot ROM for the Camelback Mountain reference board featuring the Intel® Xeon Processor D SoC. The Open Source Package (OSP) essentially demonstrates the robust nature of the SageBIOS Board Support Packages, the first open source-based solution available in the marketplace, supporting boots of less than two seconds.

    The OSP, a binary image packaged with a flash tool and relevant open source code, is available for download at, and will boot the reference board in less than two seconds, including a memory scrub of eight gigabytes of  ECC (Error Correcting Code) DRAM. Comparable times may be achieved through SageBIOS custom ports to similar boards.

    This SageBIOS OSP initialization, from power-on reset to POST, allows virtually any operating system to be loaded, including network boots, most Linux distributions, Windows and most RTOS distributions.  SageBIOS is a commercially supported distribution of open source coreboot®, packaged with other open source code, such as SeaBIOS, Grub, iPXE, as well as proprietary binary files,  including Intel’s Video BIOS and Sage-enhanced Intel® Firmware Support Package.

    The Intel Xeon processor D product family, formerly known as Broadwell DE, is Intel’s 3rd generation 64-bit SoC, or System on Chip, and the first based on Intel Xeon processor technology. The SoC is designed to bring that on-die functionality into dense, lower-power environments, such as edge servers.

    Free OSP downloads are also available for Intel processors formerly known as Haswell, Bay Trail, Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge, Gladden/Crystal Forest, Rangeley and Avoton.  Sage is now also engineering root-of-trust security for open source solutions, based on Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology, to be available on select platforms, including Xeon D.