White Paper: Advancing Intelligent Vending with the Internet of Things

Version 1

    Performance and Profits Improve with Building Block Solutions, Remote Management and Analytics


    Connected embedded platforms, also known as intelligent systems, are transforming businesses, enabling them to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT). These intelligent systems improve all types of industrial applications, including the vending industry, which benefits from systems that are networked and communicating to gather and share information that enables insight and solves problems. Intelligent vending employs software, hardware and end-user applications that work together in real-time to unlock data that was previously hidden, creating smart, interactive points-of-sale. The addition of cloud-based remote management tools enables vending systems to be managed more effectively as a fleet of machines, not only creating a more powerful purchasing experience, but also eliminating the need for vending OEMs to guess at maintenance or restocking requirements.


    Capitalizing on ADLINK’s building block solutions, vending OEMs and system developers can reduce the total cost of maintenance, easily monitor and manage inventory status, and explore the value of Big Data with sophisticated cloud services. This white paper offers a closer look at how ADLINK’s standard-based solutions help accelerate development of connected vending systems and applications, delivering on the promise of connectivity, cloud services and business analytics.