Computer-on-modules from MSC Technologies, featuring Intel® Atom™ processors, power e-health IoT gateways

Version 1

    eHealth gateway with high data security

    MSC Technologies has developed a compact, fail-safe health information communication gateway called the GINABox. The gateway will launch with more than 15,000 units deployed in doctors’ offices and pharmacies across Austria. Software applications, such as patient e-card applications, are installed on the GINA-Box at the provider’s office. The gateway stores data such as claim forms, invoices, and medications that can be prescribed only by chief physicians. The hardware and the e-card application are required for communication with the e-card server. The GINA-Box features a low system heat dissipation and high reliability for 24/7 operation. Security functions play a central role, as sensitive patient data must be protected. Furthermore, all components have long-term availability. The GINA-Box is based on a standardized Qseven* module with an Intel® Atom™ E3825 dualcore processor with low TDP. Its ultra-compact housing was developed to meet demanding customer requirements and is equipped with a heat sink for heat dissipation.


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