Accelerating Precision Medicine with HPC White Paper.pdf

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    Healthcare is in worldwide transformation, fueled by megatrends such as global aging, electronic medical records, increasing sources and types of medical data, and a rise in collaborative, coordinated care. Precision medicine adds a significant new approach to this landscape, targeting diagnostics and treatments based on an individual’s unique history and genetic profile. While genome sequencing has been historically costly and complex, new high performance computing (HPC) clusters are enabling a critical turning point in medical innovation—reducing costs and increasing efficiency to the point where precision medicine is poised to become a healthcare reality decades sooner than once anticipated. By sequencing, sharing and evaluating genomic data in a single day rather than weeks, healthcare professionals can develop precision treatment regimes that stand to positively affect the future of medical care for a global population. This white paper offers a closer look at the concept of precision medicine and its astonishing value to the evolving study of life sciences and medical treatment. Dedicated Computing’s HPC clusters, based on advanced Intel architectures, illustrate the best technology practices empowering innovators in precision medicine—effectively managing massive volumes of data, processing secure information quickly, and ensuring standards-based platforms that enable ease of deployment and deliver right-sized computing for the range of precision medicine environments.