ADLINK CASE STUDY: Optimizing Patient Care Experience in Operating Room

Version 1

    Providing high quality patient care is the number one priority for today’s hospitals. While a variety of tools are being utilized for quality improvement, digitization is especially useful in minimizing malpractice hazards, optimizing workflows and improving operational efficiency in the OR.


    One particular scenario that relies on digitization is the patient data management system (PDMS) used by anesthesiologists within the OR, with the OR workflow dictating the need for constant access to critical information provided by the PDMS. ADLINK's hygienically designed medical panel computer with Intel’s high performance processors provides this digitization capability, enabling anaesthesiologists to get to the data they need, exactly when they need it.


    ADLINK's medical panel computers are designed and manufactured by its PENTA ADLINK product division, which is dedicated to providing high performance medical products that meet the stringent requirements of medical industry.