Atomiton TQL System (Thing Query Language) for IoT sensors and actuators:  Training and Award Contest

Version 1

    Atomiton, provider of the Atomiton TQL System, is pleased to offer a TQL IoT course called TQLOne.   TQL, Thing Query Language, eliminates the need to write low level code to connect and update sensors and actuators. TQL is to things as SQL is to data.  TQL is used by software engineers in many domains and OEM'ed by other companies for use with their IoT products in IoT Applications such as Smart Farms, Smart Cities and Smart Hospitals.


    Detailed course information is here:

    In short the program has three parts:

    1. TQL101 (8 weeks): a series of hands-on tutorials. Participants will learn how to build enterprise IoT applications using TQL. It covers all the way from sensors, actuators, controllers, gateways, to cloud services using the example of a Smart Greenhouse.
    2. Competition: we hold a competition among all the class projects and will award $7,500 value of prizes to winners at the end of July.
    3. Visibility and networking: participants will be creating and sharing their IoT applications with others. They will also have opportunities to network with IoT developers in other industries.