Video: CHAMP-AV9 6U OpenVPX Intel Core i7-based DSP card processes sensor data streams in real-time

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    Today’s ISR applications all employ incredibly precise and wide-ranging sensors. These sensors generate huge data streams, with valuable information for our warfighters. To extract that information, and deliver it quickly, the data streams must be processed in real time. The Curtiss-Wright CHAMP-AV9 was designed to meet that need. A 6U OpenVPX COTS module, the CHAMP-AV9 has two Intel Core i7 quad-core processors, with integrated vector processing and an on-chip Graphics Processing Unit, a GPU.


    Watch the CHAMP-AV9 video to learn more about this balanced design and its processing capabilities (watch the You Tube video).


    Download the CHAMP-AV9 Intel Core i7 Multi-processor OpenVPX Digital Signal Processing Board factsheet or visit the Curtiss-Wright website to download the full product sheet.


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