Video: CNS4 Flexible, Rugged Network Attached Data Storage supports AES-256 and FIPS 140-2 encryptors for aerospace and defense applications

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    What if you can future proof your aerospace or defense program and mitigate risk with a data storage system that can easily adapt to changing program requirements? Designed for maximum flexibility and durability, the Curtiss-Wright CNS4 is a compact network recording and storage system (driven by an Intel Core i7 processor) with support for a wide range of I/O, up to 8 TB of removable SSD storage, and advanced encryption, all within a single, robust and environmentally-qualified sealed box that is suitable for deployment in harsh environments.


    Watch the CNS4 video to learn more about this solution (or watch the YouTube video).


    Download the CNS4 Network File Server factsheet or visit the Curtiss-Wright website to download the full product sheet.