New White Paper: Mezzanine Processors - Lighten your Single Board Computer Footprint to Zero

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    The Mezzanine Processors white paper examines the benefits of mezzanine processors, and illustrates several examples where a mezzanine processor can offer significant SWaP benefits to the aerospace and defense industry while still meeting the COTS mandate of government acquisition strategies.


    Download the Curtiss-Wright Mezzanine Processors: Lighten your Single Board Computer Footprint to Zero white paper to learn more about:


    With today’s need for heightened processing power in smaller footprints, XMC Processor Mezzanines have skyrocketed in popularity. Embedded applications benefit from their small size, ruggedization, and compatibility with the PCIe interfaces while reaping the bandwidth benefits of modern, higher performance serial fabrics. Contact Curtiss-Wright to learn more about how XMC Processor Mezzanines can take your SWaP-constrained embedded application’s performance to the next level.