White Paper: Understanding HPEC Computing in Aerospace and Defense Applications - The Ten Axioms

Version 1


    High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) is bringing previously unobtainable levels of processing power to compute-intensive defense and aerospace applications, through its unique convergence of high performance computing (HPC), embedded systems, and sensor systems. The requirements of HPEC systems, used to satisfy demanding signal, radar and image processing, comprise a distinct market in which select best-of-breed technology is adopted from large commercial markets and then modified for use in military environments. In HPEC system designs, commercial HPC hardware and software standards are leveraged and innovatively packaged to ensure that they can meet the demands of rugged embedded deployment. Various industries provide the open standards and building blocks that comprise advanced HPEC systems. HPEC embraces adjacent market technologies from a wide variety of markets including military, information technology (office IT), telecommunications, industrial automation, scientific discovery/research, test and measurement, and finance.


    With scalable architectures, dataflow modelling and configuration validation, Curtiss-Wright’s HPEC customers can source embedded supercomputing platforms that integrate Intel-based multi-processor boards with AVX, GPGPU co-processors, Xilinx FPGAs, SRIO and Ethernet switching with Open Standard software solutions (called OpenHPEC), including VxWorks, and Linux with OpenMPI and OFED software interfaces, using latest fielded thermal management systems like VITA 48.5 Air Flow Through Technology.


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