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    The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling the emergence of smart homes,smart buildings, and even complete communities and cities.  A plethora of new applications include building management, traffic monitoring, smart lighting, and surveillance- delivering increased security, operational efficiencies, energy savings, and enhanced tenant/resident experiences.  




    White paper: Feedback Solutions - Energy Savings for Commercial Buildings

    Read about a control strategy that enables building facility & energy managers to reduce energy consumption and lower utility costs in their building, by using real-time occupancy data to control fan speed to match ventilation requirements.


    Blog: Bring Smart Building Tech to Smaller Facilities

    Smart building technology has proven to reduce expenses and improve maintenance in large facilities, but these benefits have been difficult to attain in smaller buildings. Read about the Intel® Building Management Platform - an application-ready architecture that makes smart building tech simpler and less expensive.


    Article: A Smart Gateway to Smart Buildings

    Delivering long-term savings and efficiencies requires the right Internet of Things components. Learn how a modular IoT gateway solution based on Intel® IoT Gateway Technology connects new and legacy equipment, and provides a future-proof solution for Smart Buildings.


    Blog:  Smart Vision Secures Cities and Services


    Rapid advances in video analytics, the falling cost of high-resolution cameras, and the ubiquity of communications infrastructure are all contributing to dramatic changes in vision system capabilities. Check out some of the latest solutions for video analytics and storage.


    Blog:  Enabling Smart City and Smart Buildings with an IoT Service Delivery Framework

    Developers can significantly shorten time to market by basing solutions on an IoT framework that provides end-to-end solution templates, along with the required gateways.  Read how an OEM or system integrator can make the product theirs by simply fine tuning the configuration to fit their unique use case.


    Videos:  IoT Solutions for Smart Home / Smart Building

    Check out these 2 videos featuring IoT solutions designed especially for Smart Building and Smart Home applications.


    Application Note:  Smart People use ioTium to Implement Smart Lighting

    Check out a secure, cloud managed, easy-to-deploy software defined network infrastructure solution that significantly simplifies Smart Lighting deployments while significantly improving the ROI and minimizing time-to-market.


    Blog:  Gateways Drive the Success of IoT in Smart Buildings

    Read about an Intel Quark SoC-based IoT gateway that can function as an industrial I/O module. When paired with a PLC, it reduces the overall smart building solution's cost, size and weight, while enabling cloud connectivity and greater flexibility.


    Blog:  Smart Cities Require Smart Video Storage Solutions

    Check out an interesting very large scale Digital Security Surveillance solution linking eight inter-cities containing more than three million people and covering 200+ square miles around a major U.S. metropolitan area.


    Have you read any related content that you would recommend to the community? What other aspects of Smart Home/Building/City Applications would you like to see covered? 

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