Live mobile video & IoT sensor monitoring for First Responders

Version 3

    FirstNet certified, enabling Fire, Police & Paramedics, LiveCast’s solutions are used for in variety of mission critical situations every day.


    Wireless, mobile video solutions are transforming the way governments and public safety agencies are protecting their communities, as well as their own personnel. New advances in video enabled devices and 4G/5G networks (including AT&T First Net) make video a powerful tool that departments can use to extend their vision and increase the speed and precision of decision making.

    LiveCast solutions are used to understand impact and scope of disaster sites, provide remote triage by doctors and nurses, command and control coordination with field teams, and collecting evidence from crime scenes. Public safety professionals benefit from:


    • Improved citizen service levels through increased situational awareness and faster response to crime.
    • Enhanced officer safety.
    • A force multiplier: more eyes in more places.
    • Reduced liability exposure.
    • Enhanced video evidence.
    • Ability to merge fixed and mobile video for case prosecution


    LiveCast streamlines the communications process between field personnel, operations center and senior management. Any critical information you can see in the field or on a PC screen can be shared instantly and securely with everyone who needs to see it. An officer using a laptop in a squad car, an incident commander in a mobile command center, or someone carrying a cell phone while on foot can all see the same video at the same time.


    LiveCast software also provides the market leading implementation of unified IoT telemetry. Data sets that can be monitored in real-time include: Biometric (vital statistics), HAZMAT/CBRNe, ODBII, Geiger Counter, Environmental and others. IoT data is concurrently displayed on LiveCast Mission Control Applications (Sentinel and Command Center) in real-time, with full logging and alarm monitoring enabled.


    LiveCast’s software allows enterprise users to collectively visualize high-value assets and share data collaboration through sharing of live video, critical data and GPS tracking.


    Receiving vital information a few seconds sooner can be the difference between a safe or deadly outcome. LiveCast can provide this key collaboration between departments or agencies.


    LiveCast enables first responders with a compatible mobile device or computer to stream live video to authorized viewers. LiveCast streams can be monitored live by decision- makers at headquarters, and by key personnel in the field on their mobile phone.


    Using LiveCast’s certified First Responder solutions, personnel in route can assess the situation and plan their approach before they arrive. If a fire has broken out, or an accident occurred with injuries, or shots have been exchanged, first responders can get a real-time visual of the accident scene or even the perpetrator.


    Once on scene, responders can send live video from their phones or laptops back to the command center to get another view of the incident. In a crisis situation, the ability to stream video back and forth from the command center to a mobile unit or personnel on the street equips everyone to make better decisions and achieve safer outcomes.


    LiveCast’s live mobile video streaming solution works over any wireless data network, is based entirely on industry standard video technology and networking protocols, and can deliver HD quality video from mobile phones or computers.


    GPS and Universal Time Code (UTC) can be embedded within each frame of video, providing accurate and dynamic mapping either live, or for on-demand viewing.  Additionally, a variety of enhanced IoT data and biometrics can be included with the video stream to provide high value context to the situation.


    • Easy to Use: Your field personnel simply press ‘Start’ on a LiveCast enabled device and begin streaming live video. They press ‘Stop’ and video is automatically archived on a server for later viewing
    • Viewing on Mobiles: LiveCast video streams can be viewed on mobile phones or computers—allowing authorized personnel timely access, on the go or in the office
    • Supports Variety of    Cameras: LiveCast integrates many different types of camera feeds used for   video sources (e.g. mobile phones, web cams, fixed IP cams, helmet mount
           cams, FLIR IR video, 3D and 360 video, HD and 4K cameras)
    • Low Latency  Monitoring: LiveCast Dispatch and Command Center enable decision-makers back at     headquarters to view many live video streams simultaneously with less than     a second delay
    • Previews Feeds
           Switched to Master Stream for Distribution
      : Live streams can
           be switched to a single master feed and shared with authorized personnel,
           even on their mobiles. The master feed can be a combination of multiple
           streams in a picture-in-picture, video and map, or other format
    • Tracking on Map: Group maps help visually track teams
           in the field, while sharing the experience through video
    • Efficient
      : Quick selection of contact or group of contacts to notify via SMS or
           e-mail with secure link to live stream— keeps everyone on the same page
    • Supports all Data Networks: Use LiveCast wherever IP data networks can
           be accessed (e.g. BGAN, Satellite, WiFi, 3G,4G & 5G)
    • Two-Way AND One-to-Many: A mobile conferencing system, LiveCast Duo
           enables on-way or two-way live video streaming that can be viewed by other
           authorized personnel
    • Secure Networking: Meets security requirements using
           encrypted data transmission (e.g. FIPS 140-2 certified, HIPPA compliant)
    • IoT Data: Portable IoT
           sensor telemetry can be included within all video streams. LiveCast
           provides the industries largest and most advanced IoT monitorring, alram
           and tracking solution. Further, this part of our Platform can be licensed
           independently of requiring any video streaming, if preferebale to Customer
           use-case scenario.
    • IoT Alarms: LiveCast monitorring of all users via our Man Down librarires, or
           pairing with Bluetooth IoT sensors, is coupled with comprehensive alarm
           and notification capability


    Customers can choose between two hosting options to reflect their internal policy requirements:

    1.    SaaS (Cloud hosted on LiveCast servers) and within a secure network HIPAA.CJIS compliant hosting facility, whereby all administration and maintenance is managed by LiveCast.

    2.    Customer On-Prem Licensing (Hosted by Customer using internal network and servers), whereby all maintenance and administration of servers is managed by the customer.      Remote application support and solution maintenance is available from LiveCast.

    3.   Customer owned portable servers (i.e. Toughbook laptop) - ideal field solution enabling remote camps, offshore installations or forward "tip of the spear" military units.

    LiveCast enterprise solution provides the option to deploy an end-to-end encrypted VPN solution.

    • Single login to VPN and LiveCast client applications.
    • Software-based solution offers secure, persistent remote access from laptops and other mobile devices.
    • Seamless roaming between wired and wireless IP-based networks, including WiFi, 3G and 4G.
    • Certified FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, CJIS



    Video is streamed to a server where it is automatically archived; there is no risk of video being lost if a laptop or other mobile device is damaged, stolen, or lost

    All archived video is stored on a secure server and is accessible by only authorized personnel via LiveCast applications or a web browser

    Multiple levels of authorization can be programmed to meet customer security needs. A three-level example is as follows:

    1.     Field user - Only permitted to create video streams; is not able to access or see the archived video, or actively share video

    2.     Manager – Can view all live streams and review archived video generated by all personnel in group

    3.     Administrator – Can view all live streams, review archived video generated by all users, modify metadata that is allow to be edited, delete content, add users, change passwords, etc