Swim ESP Brings Edge Intelligence to Palo Alto Smart City App

Version 4

    Effective Smart City strategies combine in-depth knowledge of the systems that keep our cities “in-motion” and the technology to model these systems for applications. Swim partners with OEMs, ISVS & Smart City Systems Integrators to build intelligent Smart City applications and deliver relevant, in-motion experiences for citizens.


    Swim ESP™ is an IoT streaming data processing engine for the intelligent edge.


    Swim can securely manage hundreds of thousands or millions of realtime device data streams from smart lighting, smart buildings, smart transportation systems and smart energy grids. Swim ESP enables public sector organizations and their private sector partners to take in-motion apps to market faster and at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than competing solutions.


    The Swim ESP for Smart Cities reference app is a live demonstration showcasing Swim ESP’s intelligent processing capabilities. This application integrates real-world data from City of Palo Alto traffic infrastructure and SFMTA Muni & several other bus lines, which we receive via 3rd party API. Swim ESP enables public sector organizations and their private sector partners to:


    • Process streaming data at the edge or in the cloud
    • Improve performance & scale for existing solutions
    • Rapid development of new apps
    • Reduce bandwidth, compute, storage & latency
    • Advanced IoT device security & data privacy features


    Leverage Swim ESP with the Intel IoT Gateway, Intel Smart City products & technologies, Intel OBD-II dongles and Intel X86 based servers & gateways that use processors such as Core, Xeon, Pentium and Atom. The SWIM In-Motion IoT App Fabric is also available on other architectures.


    For OEMs, ISVs & Systems Integrators who would like to use Swim ESP to address Smart City opportunities with their existing software & solutions, or to extend the in-motion capabilities of an application with Swim, please contact a Swim representative or visit www.swim-iot.com.


    View the SWIM Smart City reference app

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