Intel Xeon D OpenVPX Processor Card eliminates data bottlenecks for compute-intensive, memory-bound ISR applications

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    Curtiss-Wright’s New Memory-Maximized 16-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor D-based CHAMP-XD2M DSP Module is First to Support Up to 128 GB DDR-4 Memory



    Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions has introduced the CHAMP-XD2M, a memory-maximized derivative of its popular multi-core Intel Xeon processor D-1500-based CHAMP-XD2 DSP module. The new rugged 6U OpenVPX board is ideal for memory-bound applications that require the maximum amount of memory per VPX slot as possible. While the original CHAMP-XD2, with its dual Intel Xeon Processor D devices was designed specifically to address demanding compute-bound applications, the single processor CHAMP-XD2M board is uniquely able to keep up with the “firehose” of incoming data from memory intensive applications such as sensor fusion. The board expands Curtiss-Wright’s supercomputer-class DSP module family with the industry’s first 16-core Xeon Processor D based COTS module to support up to 128 Gbytes (GB) of onboard DDR-4 memory, the maximum supportable by the processor. The CHAMP-XD2M also features a Xilinx UltraScale Core Function FPGA.


    The rugged module is designed for the most demanding deployed HPEC systems, to support applications such as next-generation Radar, EW and C4ISR applications and SAR, cognitive EW, and airborne cloud computing. It is ideal for use in applications that require the real-time processing of vast quantities of sensor data, such as that generated by emitters, SAR, Camera, and EO/IR imagery. The CHAMP-XD2M has already been selected for use in a sensor fusion system onboard a major High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) unmanned aerial system (UAS).


    Read the press release to learn more about the CHAMP-XD2M. Contact Curtiss-Wright.


    Download the CHAMP-XD2M Intel Xeon D OpenVPX Processor Card fact sheet attached here.