Mobiliya Common Criteria Certification for Mobile Devices

Version 1

    In the today’s world, the mobile devices has become a De-facto way of communication for both personal and enterprise level usages. This is likely to remain so over the next couple of years. While it is well understood that the mobile communication is here to stay but, due to increasing number of cyber-attacks and security issues, security-conscious customers, such as the U.S. Federal Government, defense sectors and other private companies are striving to get security assurance for these devices.


    In most of the cases, due to the lack of required expertise or resources, users and organizations fails to assess whether a certain product meets their security requirements. This gap can be bridged through security certification of the product.


    Common Criteria (CC) is the most popular security certification standard where independent agencies or laboratories perform security assessments to ascertain that a particular product has certain security features, conforms to specified requirements, and behaves as expected. It is currently adopted by twenty six nations and allows users and organizations across the complying countries to purchase Information Technology products with the same level of confidence.


    Mobiliya, out of its strong practice in this domain, highlights the various aspects about common criteria certification. Read through the attached whitepaper to learn more...