Mobiliya Smart Asset Monitoring and Tracking

Version 1

    Challenges faced in asset monitoring:

    • The largest challenge, traditionally faced by asset managers, is a lack of visibility
    • Lack of clear, real-time view of market movements, customer needs, and asset value & utilization
    • Monitoring and managing become guessing games
    • Vast range of assets in any corporate portfolio: Money, Equipment, Real Estate, etc..
    • Tracking utilization and value of assets is tricky
    • Constant changes in technology, unpredictable recalls & equipment failure, shifting demographics, and the 24/7 economy make an management an almost impossible task
    • Knowing how to best invest, monitor assets, and improve asset value requires an extensive amount of knowledge of IoT-based analytics


    To address these challenges, Mobiliya has developed Smart Asset Monitoring and Tracking solution powered by Intel processors, Dell Edge Gateway, and Microsoft Cloud. It is more than a Package Tracking System - it is your complete Smart Inventory Management tool. Our solution has a number of features aimed specifically at reducing inventory running costs, improving package safety and maximizing operational efficiency. The solution provides a web dashboard & a mobile application to Monitor, Locate and Report all your remote assets so that they are completely visible 24/7.