WHITE PAPER: Evolving Manufacturing Connectivity - Challenges to Brownfield Development

Version 2

    Achieving an IoT-based manufacturing environment combines utilization of operational technologies to connect equipment and devices at the floor level for tasks such as machine automation, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), environmental monitoring and energy management, and information technologies related to applications at the administrative level, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Resource Management (CRM), various analytical applications, and many others.


    These elements, when linked together, populate widespread cyber-physical systems supporting multiple subsystems. In such scenarios, operations need reliable and secure data flow among devices and application systems with minimal latency. As a result, network connectivity and efficient data flow becomes a fundamental requirement. Once, however, actual connection of legacy equipment and other assets on the floor level is to be implemented, a multitude of challenges are encountered.


    Learn more about how the ADLINK smart factory solution accelerates brownfield deployment, breaking down obstacles to achievement of the Industry 4.0 standard and empowering optimization of production, efficiency, and profit, by leveraging the benefits of IIoT-based intelligent manufacturing, based on a comprehensive portfolio of platform elements.