Curtiss-Wright's Pre-Integrated Application Specific Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Electronic Warfare (EW) Base System Speeds Development

Version 1

    PR---SDR-EW-System.jpgCurtiss-Wright introduced a new family of pre-integrated rugged mission management systems designed to lower the cost, speed the development, and reduce the design risk for deployed application-specific solutions. Through the use of fully integrated and tested industry-leading COTS modules, these base systems are architected, pre-qualified and pre-verified to address the needs of specific mission requirements. By providing a proven pre-configured base solution, these systems deliver a significant “headstart” that significantly reduces the integrator’s development cycle and costs. Using one of Curtiss-Wright’s pre-integrated hardware solution sets as their starting point, an aerospace or defense system integrator can easily and quickly customize the base system by with application-specific software and/or expanding the base system with additional components to meet their application’s unique requirements. The first member of this innovative new family of pre-integrated solutions is designed for Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Electronic Warfare (EW) applications. The SDR/EW base system includes Intel Core i7 or Xeon SBCs.


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