Video: DTS1 - Protect your Data-at-Rest

Version 1


    More than ever, sensitive data on unmanned platforms must be protected due to the inherent dangers associated with their missions.


    Protecting that data becomes a challenging task as unmanned vehicles get smaller, limiting available space for subsystems.


    Bulky data protection systems tend to take up more space, add more weight and cause more fuel to be consumed…dramatically shortening mission duration time.


    And while unmanned vehicles are shrinking, the costs associated with data protection are constantly rising.


    The Curtiss-Wright DTS1 is an easy to use, turnkey, rugged network File Server based on the Intel Atom Processor that houses one Removable Memory Cartridge (RMC) that provides quick off load of data. The RMC can be easily removed from one DTS1 and installed into any other DTS1 providing full, seamless data transfer between one or more networks in separate locations. Watch the DTS1 COTS-based File Server Video.