2-Channel 40 Gigabit Ethernet Digital Data Recorder Solution for Rugged ISR Applications

Version 1

    High Speed Recorder 40 GbE data recorder captures >6 GB/s of streaming data


    HSR40 40GB Ethernet Data Recorder SystemCurtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions introduced the industry’s first two-channel 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) digital data recorder designed to address the extremely high bandwidth data capture requirements of today’s most demanding ISR applications. The new High Speed Recorder 40 GbE (HSR40) is a SWaP-optimized digital data recorder that can capture UDP or TCP/IP data from two 40 GbE interfaces at sustained rates of over 6 GB/s. The challenge of capturing wire-rate data from today’s compute intensive ISR sensor platforms puts new meaning to the old metaphor “drinking from a firehose.” Some platforms have hundreds of cameras and other sensors generating data that needs to be captured and stored. What’s more, these critical sensor systems can’t be throttled in order for the recording system to catch up with the flow of data.


    Previously, designers of high bandwidth data recorders depended on the high speed, low latency Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) communications protocol, which could handle ~1.6 GB/s, using multiple channels, to support high speed ISR sensor applications. Now, leveraging advances in processor architectures and faster solid state drives (SSD), the HSR40 can absorb >6 GB/s of streaming data, 400% more bandwidth than the fastest sFPDP recorder.


    The HSR40’s performance breakthrough results in part from the built-in 40 GbE interfaces provided by its CHAMP-XD2 Intel® Xeon® D processor-based digital signal processor (DSP) module, and in part from the use of a new class of super fast Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) SSDs.


    For over a decade SATA has been the preferred SSD architecture, but for the most compute intensive applications, SATA can pose a data bottleneck. Instead, the HSR40 uses faster PCI Express® (PCIe) based NVMe storage devices, which eliminate the need to convert PCIe data to SATA. Configured with two removable NVMe-based Removable Memory Blades (RMB), each supporting 32 TB of storage, the HSR40 is able to absorb the full 6.4 GB/sec data stream while storing more than 2-1/2 hours of mission data at maximum speed. The HSR40 is designed to operate as either a Network File Server (NFS) or a Streaming Recorder.

    Thanks to its unprecedented performance, the HRS40 is ideal for supporting high-speed I & Q RADAR data and deployment on manned and unmanned ISR platforms such as P3s, P8s, and AWACS aircraft.


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    Download the product sheet for the HSR40 Data Recorder System and the CHAMP-XD2 Processor Card.